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MGMT629 : Crisis Management

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Dr. Zafar Cheema
Phd in Crisis Management
Harvard University USA.

Course Contents

Overview of Crisis Management, Definitions, abbreviations and dimensions of Crisis Management, Difference between Conflict and Crisis, Levels, Types and Causes of Crises, System, Concept/ Types of System, Analysis, Decision, What affects Decision Making? , Decision Making at State /Interstate Level, Research Skills, Why Research , What is Research?, Specific Characteristics of Research, Objectives , Sequence of Research, Main Types of Research, Classification of Research, Qualities of a Good Researcher, Research Design, Crises Management, Basis of Decision Making During Crises, Practical Steps in Crises Management, A Suggested Model for Crises Management, Suggestions for Different Levels,Pre-emptive Measures for Crises Management, Communication during Crises Cuban Crisis - A Case Study, Crises Management Process, Perception, The Ideal Crises Manager , Practical Examples of Crises Management , The Crises of the Black Stone , Hajr-e-Aswad, Treaty of Medina, Treaty of Hudabiya , Conquest of Makkah