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MGT601 : SME Management

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MGT211, MGT503


Dr. Ch. Shahzad Ansar
PhD (Management)
Sorbonne, France

Course Contents

History, definition and regional concepts of SMEs, The Regional Concept of SMEs, The Role of Entrepreneurship in SMEs, Kinds o Entrepreneurs, Their Role and Functions in an Enterprise, Small Entrepreneurs in Pakistan and Role of SMEs in Global and Regional Level, The Development of SMEs in Pakistan, Government Efforts Towards SMEs Development, The Role of NGOs, Issues and Policy Development for SME, Short and Medium Term Issues for SME Policy Formulation, Long Term Issues for SME Policy, The Start up Process of a Small, Technical and Marketing Feasibility of the Identified Project, Financial Feasibility of SMEs, Problems Faced by Newly Established Company, Post and Field Problems Faced by a New Enterprise, Guide Lines for Approaching Lenders, Types of Collaterals/Guarantees / Assets and Pledge Techniques for Security, Aspects of Financial Management, Working Capital, Recruitment, Selection And Training, Training and Development, Learning in an Organization, Quality Control, Role of Marketing in SME, Role of Technology, Export Potential of SME in Developing Countries, Word Trade Organization, WTO Ministerial Conferences, Pakistan & WTO WTO Conclusions and Recommendations.