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MGT602 : Entrepreneurship

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MGT211, MGT503, MGT601


Prof. Dr. Ch. Shahzad Ansar
PhD in Management
Sorbonne, France

Course Contents

The nature and importance of entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurial decision process, Types of start-ups, Entrepreneurial process, Managerial versus entrepreneurial decision making, Corporate versus entrepreneurial culture, Intrapreneurial leadership characteristics, Entrepreneurial feelings, Entrepreneurial background and characteristics, Role models and support systems, The nature of international entrepreneurship, Direct foreign investment, Barriers to international trade , Entrepreneurial partnering, Sources of new ideas, Methods of generating new ideas, Product planning and development process, E-commerce and business start-up and growth, What is intellectual property, How to select a lawyer , Legal issues for the entrepreneur, Creating and starting the venture, Business plan, The marketing plan, The organizational plan, the financial plan: operating and capital budgets, Pro forma sources and uses of funds, Bank lending decisions, Sources of capital, Capital sources in Pakistan, preparing for the new venture launch, New venture expansion strategies and issues, Acquisitions, Mergers, Entrepreneurship & Pakistan