FIN621 : Financial Statement Analysis

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Financial Statement Analysis deals with the deep study of financial statements (Balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, statement of changes in owner’s equity) of companies and how the information contained in these can be used by the external and internal users. The course includes major topics of basic financial statements, method to prepare cash flow statement, analysis of cash flow statement, inventory valuation methods, ratio analysis, trend analysis, and application of ratios in evaluating the financial position of the company. This course will help you in strengthening your analytical skills and abilities.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course you should be able to learn:

  • The roles of financial reporting and financial statement analysis
  • The role of key financial statements
  • The evaluation and comparison of companies using ratio analysis, common size analysis
  • How ratios are related and how to evaluate a company using a combination of different ratios

Course Calendar

Introduction of Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis1Handouts1 - 5
Account2Handouts6 - 9
Accounting Cycle and its Various Steps2,3,4Handouts6 - 17
Double Entry Accounting System2Handouts6 - 9
Debit and Credit Rules3Handouts10 - 13
Compound Entry4Handouts14 - 17
Trial Balance4Handouts14 - 17
Accrual Basis of Revenues and Expense Accounting5Handouts18 - 25
Income Statement5,10Handouts18 - 41
Adjusting Entries and its Various Types6,7Handouts26 - 31
Owner’s Equity Statement8Handouts32 - 34
Quiz 1
Statement of Finanacial Position( Balance Sheet)8,9Handouts32 - 41
Closing Entries in the Accounting Cycle10Handouts35 - 36
Current Assets11Handouts42 - 45
Cash Flow Statement12,13Handouts46 - 53
Graded Discusstion Board # 1
Cash Flow Statement14,15,16,17Handouts54 - 64
Inventory Accounting Policies18Handouts65 - 68
Notes to the Financial Statements18Handouts65 - 68
Quiz 2
Financial Statements with Inventory19Handouts69 - 73
Inventory Valuation Methods19,20Handouts69 - 78
Accounting for Depriciation of Fixed Assets21Handouts79 - 97
Different Accounting Methods21, 22Handouts79 - 100
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Mid Term Examination
Note: Changes in this schedule can be made during the semester as per requirements
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