FIN623 : Taxation Management

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course comprises of theoretical and numerical concepts of Tax Laws prevailing in Pakistan. In this course you will learn the heads of income, statutory definitions, exemptions, tax return and sales tax. This course will help you in understanding the tax laws and will enable you to understand the practical implications of tax laws. It will serve as a tool in developing the basic understanding of theoretical knowledge. This course develops vivid perception and interpretation skills regarding tax structure and tax laws in Pakistan. The students will be able to make effective taxation management strategies.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end od the course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the basic principles of Tax Laws
  • Understand the application of Tax Laws
  • Prepare the income tax return
  • Make effective use of tax credits and exemptions
  • Basic features and application of Sales Tax in Pakistan

Course Calendar

An Overview of Taxation1,2,3Handouts1-4
Basic Features of Income Tax4Handouts5-7
Statutory Definitions5, 6Handouts8-15
Quiz 01
Determination of Legal Status of a Person7Handouts16
Scope of Income8Handouts17
Heads of Income9Handouts18
Heads of Income10,11,1219-23
Graded Discussion Board
Heads of Income1324-25
Residential Status14Handouts26
Residential Status15, 16Handouts27-28
Residential Status17, 18Handouts29-32
Exercises on Residential Status & Taxation19, 20Handouts33-35
Quiz 02
Salary and its Computation21, 22Handouts36-38
Mid Term Examination
Salary and its Computation23, 24, 25Handouts39-45
Salary and its Computation26, 27Handouts46-50
Quiz 03
Salary and its Computation28Handouts51-54
Income from Property31Handouts60-65
Income from Business32Handouts66-67
Income from Business33, 34, 35Handouts68-78
Income from Business36, 37Handouts68-78
Capital Gains38Handouts79-80
Capital Gain, Income from Other Sources39Handouts81-84
Set off of Losses39Handouts85-97
Tax Return and Assessments40Handouts98-99
Set off of Losses41Handouts98-103
Advance Tax Collection and Recovery of Tax, Penalties and Prosecution42Handouts104-111
Quiz 04
Sales Tax43, 44Handouts112-120
Sales Tax Return45Handouts121-130
Final Term Examination
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