MGT705 : Advanced Cost and Management Accounting

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

A constant challenge facing all managers regardless of the type or profit motivation of the organization is controlling the cost of products and services. This course provides students the opportunity to apply various current cost control techniques, including activity-based management, contribution margin, standard costing, the balanced scorecard, and linear programming to a diverse group of scenarios and short cases in different types of organizations.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course students are expected to be able to:

  • Appreciate the role of cost control in the organizations
  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of the key techniques in cost control process
  • Acquire the ability to conduct cost analysis and provide reports on costs for different product or services
  • Apply Quantitative techniques in cost accounting to support decision-making
  • Provide students with a firm foundations for further studies and research in costing

Course Calendar

Introduction to Project ManagementLecture - 1Handouts1-6
Concept, Definition and Nature of ProjectsLecture - 2Handouts7-15
Concepts of Project ManagementLecture - 3Handouts16-20
Project Management Methodologies and Organizational StructureLecture - 4Handouts21-35
Project Life CycleLecture - 5Handouts36-46
The Project ManagerLecture - 6Handouts47-65
Quiz No.1
The Project Manager (Cont.)Lecture - 7Handouts47-65
Project Conception and Project FeasibilityLecture - 8,9Handouts66-88
Graded Discussion No.1
Project Conception and Project Feasibility (Cont.)Lecture - 10Handouts66-88
Project SelectionLecture - 11,12Handouts89-106
Project ProposalLecture - 13,14Handouts111-118
Project PlanningLecture - 15Handouts119-140
Quiz No.2
Project Planning (Cont.)Lecture - 16,17,18,19,20,21Handouts119-140
Work Break Down StructureLecture - 22Handouts151-158
Mid Term Examination
Work Break Down StructureLecture - 23Handouts151-158
Schedules and ChartsLecture - 24Handouts163-171
Total Project PlanningLecture - 25Handouts172-179
Project Scope and PlanningLecture - 26Handouts180-190
Project Scope ManagementLecture - 27Handouts191-196
Network Scheduling TechniquesLecture - 28,29,30Handouts213-220
Pricing and EstimationLecture - 31,32,33Handouts221-247
Assignment No.1
Quality in Project ManagementLecture - 34,35Handouts248-254
Principles of Total QualityLecture - 36Handouts262-267
Customer Focused Project ManagementLecture - 37Handouts268-280
Quality Improvement ToolsLecture - 38Handouts281-295
Project Effectiveness Through Enhanced ProductivityLecture - 39Handouts296-307
Quiz No.3
Cost Management and Control in ProjectsLecture - 40Handouts308-320
Project Management through LeadershipLecture - 41,42Handouts321-342
Communication in the Project ManagementLecture - 43Handouts343-351
Project Risk ManagementLecture - 44Handouts352-361
Project Procurement, Contract Management and Ethics in Project ManagementLecture - 45Handouts362-373
Final Term Examination
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