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MGT611 : Business & Labor Law

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This course focuses on various business and labor laws prevailing in Pakistan by first introducing the legal system of Pakistan and then describing various laws. It covers various business laws like Law of Contract, Law of Partnership, Law relating to companies, Law of negotiable instruments, Law relating to transfer of property, Law relating to sales of goods and carriage of goods, Law of trust, Law of insurance; and other labor laws like Industrial relations, Factories Act, Workmen’s compensation and social security. This course will enable you not only to manage legal requirements of business but also to handle affairs relating to labor, their employment and working conditions.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Recognize and interpret prevalent business and labor law in Pakistan
  • Possess professional skills to apply these law in real life situations
  • Discuss how to manage legal requirements of business and also affairs relating to labor, there employment and working conditions
  • Advise on business and labor matters
  • Illustrate the capacity of managing your self, employment and organizational business interests.

Course Calendar

Law of Partnership23,24Handouts120-129
Companies Ordinance, 198425Handouts130-134
Companies Ordinance, 198426,27Handouts135-144
Non Banking Finance Company28Handouts144-146
Winding up of Companies28,29Handouts147-150
SECP Act, 199729,30,31Handouts151-159
Negotiable Intsruments32Handouts160-164
Negotiable Instruments 233Handouts165-170
Negotiable Instruments 334Handouts171-178
Transfer of Property35Handouts179-183
Law relating to Sale of Goods36Handouts184-189
Law of Trust37Handouts190-194
Law of Insurance38Handouts195-198
Industrial Relations Ordinance39,40Handouts199-204
Industrial Relations Ordinance41Handouts205-207
Quiz # 03
Industrial Relations Ordinance42,43Handouts208-212
National Industrial Relations Commission44Handouts213-219
Labour Laws45Handouts220-228
Final Term Exam
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