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MKT630 : International Marketing

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Many businesses today have expanded and are continuing to expand in the global arena in search of higher profits and market share. Their success depends on a large extent on their ability to apply business concepts in foreign markets. Given this trend, there has been a big demand for people who are able to apply business principles in an international setting. This course will provide the broad understanding of international marketing and understanding of how organizations might use the marketing discipline to gain Competitive advantage in international context.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Possess the necessary marketing knowledge and skills to understand and function effectively in a global environment
  • Become familiar with the international marketing concepts and applications
  • Develop a cultural sensitivity
  • Enhance their analytical and creative skills
  • Demonstrate a systematic understanding of international marketing informed by current debates, new developments in knowledge and established theories
  • Place management within a wider organizational, cultural and international contextual framework

Course Calendar

Overview of International Marketing1Consult reference book
International Marketing Process2,3 & 4Consult reference book
Engaging In International Markets5Consult reference book
International Trade & Investment Theories6Consult reference book
Quiz No.1Quiz No 1
International Trade & Investment Theories7Consult reference book
International Marketing Information Requirements8Consult reference book
International Marketing Information Requirements9Consult reference book
Foreign National Environments10Consult reference book
Foreign National Environments11 & 12Consult reference book
Assignment No.1
Role of Governments in International Markets13Consult reference book
International Cultural and Social Environments14Consult reference book
International Cultural and Social Environments15Consult reference book
Determining Export Potential in International Markets16Consult reference book
Determining Export Potential in International Markets17Consult reference book
International Marketing Research Process18Consult reference book
Quiz No.2
International Marketing Research Process19, 20 & 21HandoutConsult reference book
Modes of Entry into International Markets22HandoutConsult reference book
Mid-Term Exams
***This is tentitive Pre-mid schedule. Any changes if made, will be communicated via announcements.
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