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HRM624 : Conflict Management

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MGMT611, MGMT625, MGT501, MGT502, MGT503


Dr. Muhammad Hafeez
The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

Course Contents

Introduction to conflict, Dispute resolution. Preconceptions about conflict, Conflict diagnosis, Recurrent themes in conflict diagnosis, Describing the conflict, Sources and causes of conflict, Interest analysis, Assessing the character of the conflict, Trust and its significance, Assessing impediments to resolve the conflict, Assessing the negotiating style, Assessing power among disputants, Power, conflict and BATNA, Stereotypes, Diversity and conflict, Mediation, Advantages and disadvantages of mediation, Process of mediation, Law and ethics of mediation, Arbitration, Non binding evaluation, Mixed and multimodal dispute resolution, Power tools and magic keys, Panchayat, Local government system, and ADR.