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MKT611 : Marketing Research

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MGT301, MKT501, STA630


Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Khan
Ph.D in Education
Indiana University, USA.

Course Contents

Introduction to Marketing Research, Selection of Marketing Research Supplier, Defining marketing research problem and developing an approach, Searching secondary data and their citation, Research Design and its classification, Exploratory Research Design, Qualitative marketing research, Descriptive (Survey) Research Design, Causal Research Design, Experimentation, Measurement and Scaling, Sampling procedures, Designing a good research questionnaire, Data collection and fieldwork, Data Analysis, Data preparation and data cleaning, Descriptive and inferential statistics, Correlation Analysis, Testing the Difference between the Means, Analysis of Variance, ANOVA and Post Hoc Analysis, Regression Analysis, Report Writing, Components of Research Report, Citation of references in report, Presentations of Reports, Demand Forecasting, New Product Research, Advertising Research, International Marketing Research