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MKT625 : Services Marketing

Course Overview

Course Synopsis

Today’s economy is witnessing a powerful shift to services as never before.The world is witnessing a transition from products being offered by manufacturing industry to optimal customer solutions proposed by services industry.Technology has immensely facilitated this transition. In most of the highly developed nations service sector contributes between two thirds and three fourths of GDP. This course enables the students to explore the emerging trends and issues and imminent opportunities in services marketing field. It will also help in exploring the reality of today’s service centered world to get equiped with academic and managerial critical thinking, concepts and rich information. After dealing with this it investigates models to address the theoretical and practical issues involved. Finally it discusses the strategies, information and knowledge available to substantiate the models. In nutshell, this course will help to sharpen your knowledge and skills of customized marketing from the service industries perspective.

Course Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you should be able to learn the following:

  • Define characteristics of services and learn the elements of marketing mix for services.
  • Highlight the significance of the pre- and post-purchase process for services
  • Develop an understanding of consumer expectations and how to cope with those during the pre- and post-purchase phases.
  • Understand the basic determinants of quality and the basic principles that underlie service quality.
  • Understand various operational positions.
  • Leran about Services Triangle
  • Understand the dynamics of channel structures, distribution management, and distribution growth strategies.
  • Learn to develop competitive advantage by a firm and related marketing strategies to sustain that advantage.
  • Understand and appreciate the accuracy and appropriateness of effective communication programs.
  • Become skilled at evaluating service performance through measurement dynamics.

Course Calendar

Types of Services2Handouts
The Services Triangle3Handouts
Classification of Services4,5,6Handouts
Marketing Mix of Services6,7Handouts
The Provider Gap and the Customer Gap8Handouts
Quiz No.1
The Three Phases of Purchase Process9,10Handouts
The Model of Consumer Expectations11Handouts
The Model of Consumer Expectations12, 13Handouts
Assignment No.1
Satisfaction and Dimensions of Quality14Handouts
Satisfaction and Dimensions of Quality15Handouts
Filling Gap1--- Marketing Research16Handouts
Filling Gap1--- Marketing Research17Handouts
Filling Gap1--- Marketing Research18,Handouts
Filling Gap1--- Marketing Research19Handouts
Filling Gap1---Relationship Marketing20,21Handouts
Quiz No.2
Filling Gap1---Segmentation22Handouts
Mid-term exams
Filling Gap1--Recovery23Handouts
Filling Gap2--Service Design25Handouts
Filling Gap2--Blue Printing26Handouts
Filling Gap2--Blue Printing27Handouts
Filling Gap2---Operational Position28,29Handouts
Filling Gap2--Job Design Process30,31Handouts
Filling Gap2-- Values and Standards32Handouts
Filling Gap2--Physical evidence33,34Handouts
Filling Gap3--People & conflicts35Handouts
Filling Gap3--Strategies for Closing Gap336Handouts
Filling Gap3--Strategies for Closing Gap337Handouts
Filling Gap 3--Distribution Management38Handouts
Filling Gap3-- Demand Management39Handouts
Filling Gap4--Managing Promises and Expectations40,41Handouts
Filling Gap4-- Customer Education & IMC42Handouts
Performance Measurements45Handouts
Final-term exams
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