ACC501 : Business Finance

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Accounting, Banking & Finance

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Dr. Talat Afza
Ph. D.
Wayne State University –USA

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Introduction to Business Finance, Business Organizations, Financial Markets and Financial Statements, Income Statement and Taxes, Financial Cash Flows and Cash Flow Statement, Financial Statement Analysis, Ratio Analysis, The Du Pont Identity, Using Financial Statement Information, Time Value of Money, Discounted Cash Flow Valuation, Annuities Cash Flow, Perpetuities, Loans, Bonds and Valuing Bonds, Bond Price Theorems, Bond Indenture, Bond Ratings, Different Types of Bonds, Determinants of Term Structure, Equity Markets and Stock Valuation, Some Special Cases in Stock Valuation, NPV and Payback Rule, Average Accounting Return and Internal Rate of Return, Capital Budgeting, Making Capital Investment Decision, Pro Forma Financial Statements, Depreciation, Capital Investment Decisions, Returns, Variability of Returns ,Portfolio, Risk, Weighted Average Cost of Capital, Capital Structure, Business and Financial Risk, Bankruptcy Costs, Static Theory of Capital Structure, Operating Cycle and Cash Cycle, Short-Term Financial Policy, Short-Term Borrowing, Float and Cash Management, Credits and Receivables, Inventory Management.