ACC501 : Business Finance

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Accounting, Banking & Finance

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Dr. Talat Afza
Ph. D.
Wayne State University –USA

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Introduction, Why study finance?, The corporate firm, The firm and the financial markets, The income statement, Depreciation as a tax shield, The statement of cash flows, Common-size statements, Ratio analysis, The du Pont identity, Using financial statements information, Future value, Evaluating investments, Annuities, Perpetuities, Bonds, Valuing a bond, Bond pricing theorems, The bond indenture, Different types of bonds, Term structure of interest rates, Zero growth stocks, Non-constant growth stocks, Preferred stock features, Using NPV, Average accounting return, Profitability index, Making capital investment decisions, Pro forma financial statements, Depreciation, Returns, Variability of returns, Portfolio, Cost of capital, Weighted average cost of capital, Capital structure, M&M propositions, Bankruptcy costs, Operating cycle and cash cycle, Short-term financial policy, Short-term borrowing, Float and cash management, Credits and receivables, Inventory management