BNK612 : Financial Jurisprudence in Islam

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Accounting, Banking & Finance

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Dr. Muhammad Tahir Mansoori
Ph.D (Islamic Studies)
Punjab University

Course Contents

Introduction to Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic Values of Earnings and Business Ethics, Riba in Quran, Moral and Economic Evils of Riba, Prohibition of Riba AL-Fadl, Bay Al-Inah and Tawarruq, Gharar, Gharar in Insurance, Maysir, Qimar, Tasriyah & Tatfeef, Nature of Inconsistent Combinations, Contract and its Elements, Contractual Session, Contractual Capacity of Parties, Taflis and Coercion, Types of Contracts, Nature of Sale, Options in Sale Transaction, Murabahah, Salam, Salam in Islamic Banks, Istisna, Agency Contract, Ijara, Juala, Musharakah, Diminishing Musharakah, Mudarabah, Kafalah, Bank Guarantee and Letter of Credit (LC), Rahn, Hawalah, Qarz, Impact of Inflation on Loan, Sukuk, Types of Sukuk, Waqf, Takaful and Its Types