BNK613 : Islamic Ethics in Business

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Accounting, Banking & Finance

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Khalid Zaheer
University of Wales, UK

Course Contents

Introduction, Business ethics, Islamic ethics, Justice, Efficiency, Innovation and ethics, Safety issues, Avoiding obscenity, Some ethical issues, Organization’s environment, Riba & banking, Gambling & insurance, Child labor, Minorities, Honouring commitment, Fulfilling trust, Haram & halal Products, Religious obligations of employees, Stock exchange, Issues in marketing and selling, Issues in accounting and finance, Issues in HRM, Corporate social responsibility, When things go wrong: Whistle blowing, Peculiar issues of some businesses, What makes individuals corrupt?, What makes nations corrupt? Ten most corrupt nations, Ten most corruption free nations, Common features of corruption-free nations, Human rights and islam, Way out of corruption, What should the state do?, Avoiding kufr, Approved business conduct in muslim literature, Disapproved business conduct in muslim literature