FIN622 : Corporate Finance

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Accounting, Banking & Finance

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ACC501, MGT101, MGT201, MGT401


Mr. Muzaffar-ul-Haq Hashmi
M.B.A (Finance)
Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad.

Course Contents

Introduction to Corporate Finance & Comparison of Financial Statements, Time Value of Money,Discounted Cash Flow & Effective Annual Interest, Bond Valuation,Term Structure of Interest Rates and Stock Valuation, Capital Budgeting, Break-Even Analysis & Capital Rationing, Risk and Return, Cost of Capital and Capital Structure, Cost of Capital, Dividend Policy & Financial Planning Process and Control , Budgeting Process , Cash Flow Statement & Working Capital Management ,Working Capital Management , Cash Management, Cash & Inventory Management, Credit Policy, Mergers & Acquisitions, Share Valuations , Corporate, Reorganization and Capital Reconstruction, Financial Distress, Foreign Exchange, Market & Currency Risks, Interest Rate Risk & Forward Rate Agreements , Interest Rate Futures & Options, EXCHANGE RATE SYSTEM &, MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES (MNCs), FOREIGN INVESTMENT