MGT201 : Financial Management

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Accounting, Banking & Finance

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ACC501, MGT101


Mr. Mubasher Humayun

Course Contents

Introduction to Financial Management, Objectives of Financial Management, Analysis of Financial Statements, Time Value of Money, Financial Forecasting and Financial Planning, Present Value and Discounting, Annuities and perpetuities, Capital Budgeting and Capital Budgeting Techniques, Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return, Project Cash Flows Some Special Areas of Capital Budgeting, Capital Rationing ,Interpretation of IRR and NPV with Limited Capital, Bonds and their Classification and Theory, Introduction to stocks and stocks valuation, Common Stock pricing and Dividend Growth Models, Common Stocks- Rate of Return and EPS Pricing Model, Introduction to Risk and Return, Risk& Return for a single Stock, Stock Portfolio Theory, Portfolio Risk Analysis and Efficient Portfolio Maps, Efficient Portfolios, Stock Beta, Portfolio Beta and Security Market Line (SML), Stock Prices in Efficient Markets, SML Graph and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), CAPM, Criticisms of CAPM and Application of Risk Theory, Introduction to Debt, Efficient Markets and Cost of Capital, Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), Business Risk, Operating Leverage, Break Even Point, Firms ‘Operating Leverage and Financial Risk, Financial Leverage and Introduction to Capital Structure Theory, Miller Modigliani Theory and other capital structure theories, Application of M-M Theory and other Capital Structure Theories, Net income and Tax Shield Approaches to WACC, Capital Structure Management, Dividend Payout, Dividend Policy ,Working Capital Management, Cash Management & Working Capital Financing, Short term financing, Long term financing and Lease Financing, Lease Financing, Mergers and Acquisitions, International Finance