MGT201 : Financial Management

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Accounting, Banking & Finance

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ACC501, MGT101


Prof. Dr. Ather Azim Khan
PhD- Microfinance
University of Central Punjab

Course Contents

Scope of Financial Management, Functions of Financial Management, Financial Environment, Analysis of Financial Statements, Time Value of Money, Financial Forecasting and Financial Planning, Present Value and Discounting, Annuities and perpetuities, Loan Amortization, Sinking Funds, Valuation of securities, Valuation of Bonds, Valuation of Common stocks and Preferred Stocks, Dividend Discount Models of Valuation, Financial statement Analysis, Ratio Analysis, Benchmarking of Ratios, Liquidity Analysis, Turnover Analysis, Leverage Analysis, Profitability Analysis, Market Ratios, Index Analysis, Common Size Analysis, Trend Analysis, Differential Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis, Risk and Return Analysis, Individual Stock risk and return analysis, Portfolio risk and return Analysis,  Capital Asset Pricing Model, Fama and French Three Factor Model and Four Factor Model, Multiple Factor Risk Adjusted Return Models, Efficient Portfolios, Stock Beta, Portfolio Beta and Security Market Line (SML), Stock Prices in Efficient Markets, SML Graph and Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), Arbitrage Pricing Theory, Working Capital Management, Policies of working Capital Management, Account receivable management, Inventory management, cash flow management, Capital Budgeting techniques, Net Present value, payback period, Profitability Index, Internal rate of return, Interpolation, Capital Rationing, Multiple IRRs, Sensitivity Analysis, Risk and Capital Budgeting, Cost of capital, Weighted average cost of capital, Capital structure, theories of capital structure, Concept of leverage, Operating and financial leverage, Risk and leverage, Concept of dividend, Dividend policies, types of dividends, Theories of dividend, and Dividend issuance considerations.