MGT401 : Financial Accounting II

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Accounting, Banking & Finance

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Mr. Mujahid Eshai (FCA)
Chatered Accountant
Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

Course Contents

This course includes introduction of different Business entities, Formation and meetings of companies, Relationship between companies, Legal documents of companies, Share capital of companies, Preparation, Presentation and Disclosure requirements of financial statements including Fixed assets recording and disclosures, Recording and Presentation of other non-current assets, Inventories, Presentation of assets & liabilities sides in balance sheet, Measurement and Disclosure of Investments and Long term advances and deposits, Share capital and equity, Long term liabilities, Leases (including finance and operating lease), Current liabilities, Contingent liabilities and Contingent assets, Events after balance sheet date, Preparation and Presentation of Profit and Loss account, Earning per share (EPS) and Cash flow statement. These all concepts will be covered with respect to Companies Ordinance 1984 & International Accounting Standards (IAS), covering especially 4th and 5th schedule of Companies Ordinance 1984. While major IAS will be covered are: IASB Framework. IAS01 – Presentation of Financial Statements (Especially Income Statement) IAS02 – Inventories IAS07 – Cash Flow Statement IAS08 – Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors IAS10 – Events after the Balance Sheet Date IAS16 – Property Plant and Equipment IAS 17– Leases IAS18 – Revenue IAS23 – Borrowing Cost IAS 28 – Investments in Associates IAS 32 & 39 – Financial Instruments, Risk, Measurement and Disclosures IAS – 33 Earnings per share IAS 36- Impairment of Assets (A brief introduction) IAS37 – Provision, contingent assets and contingent liability IAS38 – Intangible Assets