MGT404 : Managerial Accounting

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Accounting, Banking & Finance

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Mr. Nizam ud Din
Chartered Management Accountant, Certified Public Accountant
London - UK; Nairobi - Kenya

Course Contents

Introduction of Managerial Accounting, Behavioral Classification of Cost, Costing Methods, Activity-Based Costing and Management, Absorption and Variable Costing, CVP Analysis, Budget and Budgetary Control, Standard Costing - Variance Analysis, Accountant’s Role in Decision Making, Capital Budgeting, Lease Accounting, Responsibility Accounting, Economic Value Added (EVA), Transfer Pricing, Working Capital Management, Cash Flow Statement, Internal Control of an Entity, Activity Based Management, Life Cycle Costing & Target Costing, Throughput Accounting, Advance Manufacturing Techniques (AMT), Total Quality Management (TQM) and Lean Accounting