MGT404 : Managerial Accounting

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Accounting, Banking & Finance

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Mr. Nizam ud Din
Chartered Management Accountant, Certified Public Accountant
London - UK; Nairobi - Kenya

Course Contents

Introduction to management accounting, Key concept of management accounting, Evolution of management accounting, Comparison of financial accounting with managerial accounting, Role of a management accountant, Management audit in a dynamic business environment, Cost classification in management accounting perspective, Behavioral classification, Costing methods, Comparison of process costing and job order costing: Activity based costing (ABC), A comparison of traditional & ABC system, Marginal costing and absorption costing, Marginal costing and absorption costing, Break-even & cost-volume profit analysis, Margin of safety: (MOS), Linear programming, The budgeting process, Standard costing, Decision making, Capital budgeting, Responsibility accounting, Working capital management, Emerging issues in managerial accounting