MGT411 : Money & Banking

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Accounting, Banking & Finance

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Ph. D.
Wayne State University –USA

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Five parts of Financial System, Money, Financial intermediaries, financial institutions, financial Instruments, central Bank, Core principal of Money and Banking, Money, kinds of money, characteristics of money, Future of money, value of money, application of present value, Other form of money, Measuring Money, Measuring of Inflation, Financial markets , Direct finance, Indirect Finance, Kinds of Financial market, centralized stock exchange, OTC markets, Debt market, equity markets, Characteristics of well-run Financial market, Financial institutions, Role of financial institution, Structure of Financial industry, Financial Institutions, Depository institution, Banking, Balance sheet of Commercial bank and other financial institutes, Different Bank risk, Interest risk, Trading risk, Credit Risk, Future of Banks, Non-depository institutes, Government Safety Net, Non Depository institutions, Financial intermediaries, Role of financial intermediaries, Financial instruments , Bond pricing & risk, Source of risk, Different Bond risks, Measuring risk, Evaluating risk, Yield to maturity, Equilibrium in Bond market, Tax effect and Term structure of interest rate, Liquidity Premium Theory, valuing Stocks, Risk and price determination of Stocks, Central bank, Creating a Successful Central Bank, Balance sheet of Central bank, Monetary Base, Deposit Creation Process, Money Multiplier, Target Fund rate and Open Market Operation, What is Monetary Aggregate, Facts about Velocity, Portfolio Demand for Money, Money Growth Inflation and Aggregate Demand, Component of Aggregate Demand, Driving Monetary Policy Reaction Curve, The Aggregate Demand Curve, The Aggregate Supply Curve, Equilibrium & determination of Output and Inflation. Shift in Potential Output & Real Business Cycle Theory