MGT604 : Management of Financial Institutions (alt. code=BNK604)

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Accounting, Banking & Finance

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MGT211, MGT411, MGT503, MGT601


Shahid Habib
MBA (Marketing)
IBA, Punjab University, Lahore

Course Contents

Financial Environment, Types of Financial Institution, Role of Central Bank, Policy Instruments, Balance of trade, State Bank of Pakistan, State bank of Pakistan – various departments, Major drivers of financial industry, International financial institutions, Pakistan economic aid & debt, Increasing foreign direct investment, Role of commercial banks, Role of commercial banks in micro finance sector, Mutual funds, Role of Investment Banks, Letter of Credit and International Trade, Foreign Exchange & Financial Institutions, Foreign Exchange, Leasing Companies, The Leasing Sector in Pakistan and its Role in Capital Investment, Role of Insurance Companies, Role of financial Institutions in Agriculture Sector, Can Government of Pakistan Lay a Pivotal Role in this Sector? Financial Crimes, DFIs & Risk Management, Banking Fraud & Misleading Activities, The Collapse of ENRON, Classic financial scandals