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BIF731 : Advanced Bioinformatics

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Dr. Muhammad Usman Ghani Khan
The University of Sheeld, UK,

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Introduction to bioinformatics, Data Management,  Introducing biological Concepts, Computing concepts related to bioinformatics, Data Models for Bioinformatics, Data Visualization, Data Modeling, Image Processing, Medical Imaging, Pairwise Sequence Alignment, distance measures, methods of sequence alignment, dot plots, global alignment, Tools for similarity search and sequence alignment , local alignment, fasta, blast, blast algorithm, blast variants, Multiple Sequence Alignment, MSA algorithms, evolution, Introduction to Phylogenetics,  phylogeny tree algorithms , molecule clock, neutral theory, genes and species tree, sequence acquisition , models of substitution, tree building methods, Bayesian inference, automated tools, Semantic webs and ontology-driven biological data integration methods, introduction, Bio-Ontologies, GO ontology, Databank For Biological Data, Generation of our own Biological data bank, Role of bioinformatics and genetic engineering in agriculture, Biotechnology Introduction, Next generation sequencing technologies, Information Extraction for Bioinformatics Documents, Natural language Processing, CODIS database, Hidden Markov Models and Their Usage in Bioinformatics, Markov Chain, Role of bioinformatics in forensic, Advantages of bioinformatics in forensic, Methods used in DNA profiling,  Introduction to Drug Discovery, reas influencing drug discovery, Pharmaco-genetis applications, Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms,  Drug discovery methods, Example of drug functioning, Image mining, Creation of biomedical annotated corpora, MedTag: a collection of biomedical annotations, Existing biomedical annotated corpora. Annotation & Information Extraction,  Creation of biomedical annotated corpora steps, Introduction to HPC, Cloud computing introduction, Cloud Computing for MSA Problem, Introduction to legal issues related to Biological data sharing, eHealth privacy concerns, HIPAA– the legal basis for eHealth privacy, eHealth security concerns, Computational genetic epidemiology, Introduction to genetic epidemiology