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BIF733 : Bioinformatics I (Essentials of Genome Informatics)

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Dr. Waseem Haider
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign USA

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Scope and challenges of Bioinformatics,  DNA, RNA,  Proteins, Central dogma of life,  Bioinformatics Algorithms,  Biological vs Computer Algorithms, Biological databases, Sequence submission,  Molecular Biological Data Retrieval, Sequence Formats, Genome Informatics, Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Genomes, Epichromosomal elements (EEs), Transposable Elements (TEs), Genome Analysis, Eukaryotic Gene Structure, Comparative Proteomics, Horizontal Gene Transfer, Cloning Techniques, Human Genome Project (HGP), Sequencing Techniques, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS),  Genome Sequencing, Effect of Repeats, Assembly Algorithms, Introduction to Statistics, Maximum Likelihood Estimation, Binomial Distribution, Normal Distribution, Markov Chains, Probabilities in Markov Models, Markov Chain Model, Markov Chains for Discrimination, Gene Prediction, Pattern Finding in a Genome, Pattern Finding Algorithms,  Pair-Wise Sequence Alignment, Optimal Alignment Methods, Needleman-Wunsch Algorithm, Pair-Wise Sequence Alignment,  Needleman-Wunsch Execution, Smith-Waterman Algorithm, Dynamic Programming Algorithm, DOT PLOT, FASTA Algorithm,  BLAST, Doing BLAST locally,  P Value, Extreme value Distribution (EVD), Hidden Markov Models, MSA, Phylogenetic, RNA and related concepts, Microarray, RNAseq, Data Analysis, Gene Networks