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BIO401 : Biostatistics

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Dr. Sharoon Hanook
Case Western Reserve University, USA

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Introduction to Bio Statistics Data Measurements Scale Statistics Sampling and Types of Sampling Probability Sampling probability Sampling Non-Probability Sampling Organizing Data Data Presentation-I Data Presentation-II Data Presentation-III Data presentation-IV Data presentation-V Centeral Tendeency Measure of Dispersion Measure of Dispersion Set Theory Probability Baye's Theorem Laws of Expectation Discrete Distribution Measure of Locations Quantiles Measure of Dispersion Absolute Measure of Dispersion Relative Measure of Dispersion Measure of Dispersion Counting Rules Discrete Distribution Sampling Distribution of Means Estimation Correlation Correlation-II Correlation-III Regression A Tutorial to SPSS-I A Tutorial to SPSS-II A Tutorial to SPSS-III A Tutorial to SPSS-IV A Tutorial to SPSS-V A Tutorial to SPSS-VI A Tutorial to SPSS-VII