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BIO401 : Biostatistics

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Dr. Ammad Aslam Khan
Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Course Contents

Introduction to Biostatistics Lectures 1-4,
Basic Terminology - I     
Basic Terminology - II     
Measurement Scales - I     
Measurement Scales - II     
Types of Statistics     
Sampling and Statistical Inference     
Basic Terminology for sampling     
Types of Sampling Methods     
Simple Random Sampling     
Stratified Random Sampling     
Cluster Sampling     
Systematic Sampling     
Non-Probability Sampling Methods     
Convenience Sampling     
Describing Data with Tables - I     
Describing Data with Tables - II     
Describing Data with Tables - III     
Contingency Tables     
Describing Data with Charts - I     
Describing Data with Charts - II     
Describing Data with Charts - III     
Box and Whisker Plot     
Microsoft Excel Demo     
Describing Data: From its Shapes     
Describing Data: From its peak     
Describing Shape: From Box and Whisker Plot
The Central Tendency of a data-set     
Measures of Dispersion     
Mean Deviation,Standard Deviation and Variance & Coefficient of variation     
Chebychev’s Inequality,The Empirical Rule & The Five-Number Summary     
Box and Whisker Plot,Pearson’s Coefficient of Skewness 
Set Theory,Counting Rules     
Definitions of Probability     
Application of Addition Theorem,Conditional Probability & Multiplication Theorem     
Bayes’ Theorem,Discrete Random Variable     
Graphical Representation of the Distribution Function of a Discrete Random Variable     
Properties of Expected Values,Covariance & Correlation& Discrete Probability Distributions     
Binomial Distribution,Introduction to the Hypergeometric Distribution     
Hypergeometric Distribution ,Poisson Distribution & Continuous Uniform Distribution 
Appropriate Use of Measures of Location     
Quantiles (Cut Points)     
Examples of Quantiles     
Measures of Dispersion     
Absolute Measures of Dispersion     
Examples for Absolute Measures of Dispersion     
Relative Measures of Dispersion     
Examples of Measures of Dispersion     
Appropriate usage of the Measures of Dispersion     
Calculating Skewness and making decision using Numerical measures     
Calculating Kurtosis and making decision using Numerical measures     
Counting Rules     
Diagnostic Tests - I     
Diagnostic Tests - II     
ROC Curves     
Prevalence and Incidence     
Bernoulli Trials and Bernoulli Distribution     
Bernoulli Distribution     
Poisson Distribution     
Poisson Approximation to the Binomial Distribution     
The Normal Distribution     
Standard Normal Distribution     
Conversion from Normal to Standard Normal Distribution     
Properties of the Normal Distribution     
Applications of The Normal Distribution     
Normal Approximation to the Binomial Distribution     
Normal Approximation to the Poisson Distribution     
Sampling Distributions     
Expected value and Variance of a sampling distribution     
Standard Error     
Sampling Distribution of the sample mean     
Expectated value and variance of the sampling distribution of the sample mean     
Sampling Distribution of the differnece between two means     
Expected value and variance of the sampling distribution of the difference between two sample means     
Sampling Distribution of a sample Proportion     
Expected value and variance of the sampling distribution of a sample proportion     
Sampling distribution of the difference of the two sample proportion     
Point Estimation     
Interval Estimation     
Large Sample Confidence Intervals,Determination of Sample Size & Hypothesis-Testing     
Hypothesis-Testingreg regarding μ1-μ2 & P (based on Z-statistic     
Hypothesis Testing Regarding p1-p2 & The Student’s t-distribution     
Tests and Confidence Intervals
 based on the t-distribution     
Hypothesis-Testing regarding Two Population Means & The Chi-square Distribution     
The F-Distribution &Hypothesis Testing and Interval Estimation     
Analysis of Variance & Experimental Design     
Randomized Complete Block Design ,(LSD) Test & Chi-Square Test of Goodness of Fit     
Chi-Square Test, p-value & Latest Definition of Statistics  
Assumptions used for Correlation     
Types of correlation and their usage     
Partial Correlation     
Multiple Correlation     
Calculating and interpeting Correlation     
Testing Hypothesis about Correlation coefficient     
Assumptions for Regression Model     
Steps in Regression Analysis     
Understanding Dependence relationship using Scatter Plots     
Principle of Leasst Squares     
Least Squares line     
Obtaining a regression Line using SPSS     
ANOVA in Regression     
Decision making Using ANOVA in regression     
Calculating and Interpreting results for ANOVA in regression usign SPSS     
Evaluating a regression Equation     
Confidence intervals for individual parameters     
Coefficient of Determination     
Making Prediction using regression Model     
Testing the regression Assumptions     
Multiple Linear Regression Model     
Obtaining and Interpreting a multiple linear regression equation     
Detecting Outliers, Influential and leverage values     
Regression with Qualitative Independent variable     
Performing and Interpreting Regression with Qualitative Independent Variable     
Variable Selection procedures     
Forward Selection     
Backward Elimination     
Stepwise Regression     
Introduction to Survival Analysis     
Survival Analysis: Basic Terminology     
Types of Censoring     
Right Censoring     
Left Censoring     
Interval Censoring     
SPSS tutorial to model building     
SPSS Tutorial to Assumption testing     
SPSS Tutorial to variable Selection     
A Tutorial to SPSS - I     
A Tutorial to SPSS - II     
A Tutorial to SPSS - III     
A Tutorial to SPSS - IV     
A Tutorial to SPSS - V     
A Tutorial to SPSS - VI     
A Tutorial to SPSS - VII     
A Tutorial to SPSS - VIII     
A Tutorial to SPSS - IX     
A Tutorial to SPSS - X     
A Tutorial to SPSS - XI     
A Tutorial to SPSS - XII     
A Tutorial to SPSS - XIII     
Using SPSS to report Descriptive Statistics