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BT302 : Immunology

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Dr. Numan Javed
Shanghai Institute of Biological Sciences, China

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Overview of Immune System, Infections vs Non-Infections, Role of Immune System, Types of Immune system, Components of Innate Immune System, Physical barriers of Innate Immune system, Secretory molecules of Innate Immune System, Cells of Innate Immune system, Cells of Innate Immune system, Intracellular killing, Complement System, Classical Pathway of Complement Activation, Alternate Pathway of Complement Activation, Lectin Pathway of Complement Activation, Effector Functions of Complement Proteins, Pathology related to Complement Proteins, Cells & Organs of the Immune System, Primary Lymphoid Organs, Secondary Lymphoid Organs, Cell of Immune Systems, Lymphoid Lineage of Immune Cells, Myeloid Lineage of Immune Cells, Lymphocyte Recirculation, Lymphocyte Migration & Localization, Clonal Selection of Lymphocyte, Control of Extracellular Pathogens, Control of Intracellular Pathogens, Properties of antibodies and antigens together with their structure, function and interactions, Factors influencing Immunogenicity (Contribution of the Immunogen), Factors influencing Immunogenicity (Contribution of the Biological System), Factors influencing Immunogenicity (Method of Administration), Chemical Nature of Immunogen, Types of Antigens, Superantigens, Hapten-Carrier Conjugate, Antigenic determinants recognized by Innate Immune System, Characteristics of Immunoglobulins, Basic Structure of Antibodies, Structure of the Variable Region, Antibodies Fragments Structure_Function, Classes of Antibodies, IgM_IgG Properties_Functions, IgA_IgE_IgD Properties_Functions, Types vs Sub-types of Antibodies, Antigen & Antibody Reactions, Factors Effecting on Antigen & Antibody Tests, Agglutination Reactions, Precipitation Reactions, Complement Fixation Tests, Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA), Genetics of Antibody Structure & Diversity, General Characteristics of Antibody Response, Fate of Immunogen, Primary & Secondary Antibody Response, Kinetics of antibody response against T-dependent antigens, Kinetics of antibody response against T-independent antigens, Cellular Events during Antibody Response, Membrane & Secreted Antibodies, Expression of Immunoglobulin Genes & V(D)J Recombination, Somatic Recombination, Somatic Hypermutation, Role of Somatic Hypermutation in diversity of antibodies, V(D)J combinational Diversity, Regulation of V(D)J Recombination, Affinity Maturation, Class Switching or Class Switch Recombination, Antigen Processing & Presentation, Antigen Processing & Presentation of Endogenous antigens, Antigen Processing & Presentation of Exogenous antigens, Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC), Structure of Class I MHC molecules, Structure of Class II MHC molecules, Important Aspects of MHC, Role of MHC in Tissue Matching, Self MHC Restriction, Differences Between Monoclonal & Polyclonal Antibodies, Generation of Polyclonal Antibodies, Role of Adjuvants in Polyclonal Antibodies Production, Production of Monoclonal Antibodies, Hybridoma Formation, Usage of Monoclonal Antibodies¸ T-Lymphocyte Receptors, Maturation, Activation & Differentiation, Diversity of T-Cell Receptor (TCR), CD3 complex Structure & Functions, Cell Surface Molecules involved in T-Cell & Other Interaction, Accessory Molecules, Co-Stimulatory Molecules for Activation & Maturation of T-Cells, B-Lymphocytes Receptors, Maturation, Activation & Differentiation, Antigens Processing by B-Cells, Nature of B-Cell Activation, B-Cell Receptor & Co-stimulation For Maturation, Role of CD40 in B-Cell Activation, Complement System_Introduction, Functions of Complement Proteins, Classical Pathway of Complement Activation_In Detail, Alternative Pathway of Complement Activation_In Detail¸Lectin Pathway of Complement Activation_In Detail¸Biological Active Products of Complement, Hypersensitivity, Classification of Hypersensitivity, Type I Hypersensitivity, Type II Hypersensitivity, Type III Hypersensitivity, Type IV Hypersensitivity, Comparison of different Type Hypersensitivity¸ Cytokines, Mechanism of acting of Cytokines¸ Categories of Cytokines¸ Cytokines of Innate Immune System¸ Cytokines of Adaptive Immune System, Cytokine Network, Immuno-Regulation by Cytokine, Resistance & Immune Response to Infectious diseases, Mechanisms of Immune Evasion, Immune Response against Extracellular Pathogens¸ Immune Response against Intracellular Pathogens, Cell Mediated Effector Response, Role of Cytotoxic T-Lymphocytes in Cell Mediated Immunity, Role of Helper T-Lymphocytes in Cell-Mediated Immunity, Role of NK cells in Cell Mediated Immunity, Antibody dependent Cellular Toxicity by Killer Cells¸ Lymphokine Activated Killer Cells in Cell Mediated Immunity¸ Leucocytes Migration & Inflammation¸ Role of Phagocytes in Inflammation, Chemotaxsis & Diapedesis of Leucocytes in Inflammation, Opsonization of Bacteria, Intracellular Killing by Leucocytes during Inflammation¸ Role of Cytokines in Inflammation, Inflammosomes in Inflammation¸ Acute vs Chronic Inflammation, Vaccines¸ Types of Vaccination, Natural vs Artificial Immunization, Artificial Passive Immunization, Artificial Active Immunization, Novel Vaccines¸ Role of Adjuvant in Vaccination, Adverse Effects of Vaccination, Tolerance, Diseases of Immune System-Autoimmunity, Immunological features of Tolerance¸ Mechanisms of Tolerance Induction¸ Tolerance to Tissues & Cells¸ Introduction to Autoimmunity, Etiology of Autoimmunity¸ General Classification of Autoimmunity¸ Diagnosis of Autoimmune Diseases, Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases¸ Transplantation Immunology, Transplantation Antigens, Induction of Immune Responses against Transplants, Immune Mechanisms of Graft Rejection¸ Prevention & Treatment of Graft Rejection¸ Transplantation of Blood Cells & Bone Marrow¸ Tumor Immunology, Tumor Associated Antigens, Tumor Associated Transplantation Antigens, Immunity Against Tumors, Escape of Tumor from Immuno-Surveillance, Use of Tumor Neo-antigens in Immuno-diagnosis & Immunotherapy, Immunodeficiency, Classification of Immunodeficiency, Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Immunodeficiency Disorders of T- Cells, Immunodeficiency Disorders of B- Cells, Immunodeficiency Defects of Phagocytic Cells, Immunodeficiency Defects of Complement System