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BT404 : Food Biotechnology

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Dr. Zaffar Mehmood
PhD in Nanobiotechnology
The University of Queensland

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Introduction to Food, Definitions and basic concepts, Food composition, probiotics, fermented foods, food enzymes, colors and additives; overview of metabolic engineering of bacteria for food ingredients; techniques used for production of food ingredients by microbes; genetic modification of plant starches for food applications; biotechnological approaches to improve nutritional quality and shelf life of fruits and vegetables; microbial food spoilage and food borne diseases; detection and control of food borne bacterial pathogens; What are GMOs, Production of GMOs, Advantages and disadvantages of GMOs, Food production by microbes, Application of scientific and engineering principles to the processing of materials by microorganisms to create useful products or processes; food safety and quality control; International aspects of quality and safety assessment of food derived by modern biotechnology.