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BT605 : Biosafety & Bioethics

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Dr. Akhtar Ali
Ph.D., Post-Doc
UVAS-Lahore (UCL-London, UK), HBAAS-China

Course Contents

Biosecurity, Personnel security elements, Material control and accountability, Material control and accountability elements, Transport security, Transport security elements, Information security, Design Biosafety rules for a virology lab, Types of fire extinguisher, Fire exits, Fire wardens, Fire Assembly area, National Biosafety rules, Applications of National Biosafety rules, Establishment of  National Biosafety rules, Functions of  National Biosafety committee, Functions of technical advisory committee, Functions of institutional Biosafety committee, Prohibition and license requirement, Confidential information, Risk assessment and risk management, Decision making and communication of decision, Grant of license, Application of re-examination, Special requirement for import and export of living modified organisms, Permission and approval for food stuff, Responsibility to notify interruptions or accidents, Pakistan Biosecurity measures, National legislations, Monitoring and implementation of Pakistan Biosafety and Biosecurity rules, Efforts to mitigate biological threats, Threats of biological weapons, Biosecurity Challenges of the Global Expansion of High Containment Biological Laboratories, Public participation and access to information, International framework on biosafety, Occupational Health and Immunoprophylaxis,