CS101 : Introduction to Computing

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Computer Science/Information Technology

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Dr. M. Tanvir Afzal
Graz University of Tech, Austria

Course Contents

Introduction to Computing, Searching Techniques, History of Computing, Data Storage, Boolean Operation, Hexadecimal Notation, Main Memory, Mass Storage, Flash Drives, Data Storage, Data Storage: Storing Integers, Data Storage: Storing Fractions, Data Storage: Data Compression, Data Manipulation, History of OS, OS Basic Concepts, Software Classification, Components of OS, Process of Booting, Process and its Administration, Handling Competition between Processes, Semaphores, Deadlocks, Security Attacks from Outside, Security Attacks from Outside, Network Classification, Protocols, Combining Networks, Methods of Process Communication, Distributed Systems, Internet Architecture, Internet Addressing, Internet Applications, Networking and the Internet, Algorithm, Algorithm: Representation (Primitives), Algorithm: Representation (Pseudocode), Algorithm: Representation (Pseudocode) While Structure, Algorithm: Representation (Pseudocode) Function Structure, Algorithm: Discovery (The Art of Problem Solving), Algorithm: Algorithm Discovery Strategies, Algorithm: Iterative Structures (Sequential Search Algorithm), Algorithm: Iterative Structures (Loop Control), Algorithm : Iterative Structures (Components of Repetitive), Algorithm: Iterative Structures: Loop Execution (Examples 1), Algorithm: Getting your Foot in the Door, Algorithm: Iterative Structures: Loop Execution (Examples II), Algorithm: Iterative Structures (Pretest and Posttest loops), Algorithm: Insertion Sort Algorithm, Algorithm: Insertion Sort Algorithm Example, Algorithm: Recursive Structure (The Binary Search Algorithm), Algorithm: Recursive Control, Algorithm: Algorithm Efficiency, Algorithm: Software Verification, Algorithm: Software Verification Examples, Programming Language, Software Engineering, Database Systems, Traditional File Structures, Database Systems, Artificial Intelligence, CS Impact, Word Processing, Presentations, Spreadsheets, MS Excel, Database, Web page Development