CS206 : Introduction to Network Design & Analysis

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Computer Science/Information Technology

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Course Introduction, What is a Network?, Traditional Computer Networks, Using the Network by Accident, Using the Network on Purpose, Well-known Network Applications, Building a Network: Starts with a Plan, Examples of Good Rules for Networking, Proprietary and Public Models, How TCP/IP Standard Grows?, Two-Well Known Networking Models, What is a Local Area Network?, LAN Cables and Connectors, Ethernet Hubs, Ethernet Frames and Collisions, How to avoid Collisions over Ethernet?, Importance of Ethernet Addresses, Frame Check Sequence, Two Ethernet Standards, Working of a LAN Switch, Point-to-Point WANs & Frame Relay, Week 8.5 Wireshark Lab 1, Week 9.5 Wireshark Lab 13, Week 10.6 Wireshark Lab 22, Week 11.6 Wireshark Lab 33, Wireshark's Packet Loss Detection, Duplicate ACKs and their Causes, Causes of ACKed Unseen Segments, Firewalls, Demilitarized Zone, IDS, Customizing Devices with Modules, Creating Cities, Offices & Wiring Closets, Load Sharing.