CS304 : Object Oriented Programming

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Computer Science/Information Technology

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CS101, CS201


Mr. Shafiq-ur-Rehman
M.Sc.(Electrical Engineering)
George Washington University, USA

Course Contents

Introduction to OOP Starting to OOP Abstraction and Inheritance Introduction to Generalization and Specialization Object-Oriented Modeling Polymorphism in OO Model Introduction to Objects and Classes (cont...) Constructors Destructors Accessor Functions and "this" Pointer Constant data members and Static Variables Constant data members, Static Variables and Array of objects "new" Operator, Getter and Setter Composition Composition, Aggregation and Friend Functions Operator overloading Inheritance Inheritance Overriding Multiple Inheritance Diamond Problem Polymorphism Abstract and Concrete Classes Generic Programming Generic Algorithms Templates and Friends Generic Algorithms Cursors and Vectors Standard Template Library Iterators Techniques for Error Handling