CS312 : Database Modeling and Design

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Computer Science/Information Technology

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Sheraz Pervaiz
MS ( Software Technology)
University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart

Course Contents

Introduction to Data and Information, Data Storage Mechanisms, 3-Tier Architecture and Process to Database Design, Fact Finding Techniques, Implementing Fact Finding Techniques, Process of Database Design, Relational Database, Conceptual Data Modeling and Entity Relationship Diagram Overview, Entities, Attributes and Relationship, Extended Entity Relationship Diagram (EERD), Example of  Entity Relationship Diagram, Anomalies, Normalization, Denormalization, Introduction to Oracle 11g on Cloud, Using  Data Definition Language (DDL) in Oracle 11g, Using  Data Manipulation  Language (DML) and Data Control Language (DCL) in Oracle 11g, Structured Query Language basics, Advanced SQL, Examples  of SQL, Introduction to Sequence and Synonyms with implementation in Oracle 11g, Indexes in Databases Implementing Indexes in Oracle 11g, Transactions and Concurrency Problems in Databases, Locks and granularity in Databases.