CS403 : Database Management Systems

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Computer Science/Information Technology

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CS101, CS201, CS304


Dr. Nayyer Masood
Ph.D Computer Science
Bradford University, UK

Course Contents

Introduction Advantages of DBMS and its User Database Architecture Database Application Development Process Detailed Diagrams and Database Design Entity-Relationship Data Model Key and its different types Relationships Cardinality and Roles in Relationships Extended Entity Relationship Diagram Practice Session of ER Data Model Logical Database Design Relations Keys Cardinality Constraints Relational Algebra Joins Functional Dependancy & Normalization Data Volume and Usage Analysis Physical Records and Denormalization Partitioning, Replication and Structured Query Language (SQL) Data Types and Rules of the Format Data Definition Language (DDL) Data Manipulation Language Insert and Select Statements Where Clause and Operators(Not, BETWEEN ,IN, Like) Order By Clause, Having Clause and Functions Application Programs Data Storage Concepts File Organizations Hashing Indexes Views Transaction Database Recovery Concurrency Control Locking