CS411 : Visual Programming

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Computer Science/Information Technology

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Dr. Junaid Haroon Siddiqui
The University of Texas

Course Contents

Introduction & Administrivia, Introduction to Events, Event-driven programming, Introduction to C#, Basic C#language constructs, Object oriented programming in C#, Properties, interfaces, and indexers, Delegates, C# events, exception handling, Attributes, enums, operator overloading, Reading and writing XML, Working with files and directories, Introduction to WPF and XAML, Property elements, type converters, markup extensions, XAML and procedural code, Logical and visual trees, Dependency properties, Attached properties and element display, Transforms and Panels, Grid Panel, Content Overflow, Panel composition, Input events, Touch manipulation events, WPF Commands, Deploying & Installing, Navigation-base apps, XAML Browser apps, Resources, Data binding, Collection View, Hierarchical Data Template, Introduction to Threads, Tasks & Continuations, Asynchronous functions, Parallel programs, Concurrent collections, Introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, DOM and the jQuery library, jQuery events, AJAX programming in JavaScript, Introduction to Objective-C, iOS mobile programming, Delegates and CoreLocation framework, Touch events, Blocks and Grand Central Dispatch