CS504 : Software Engineering - I

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Computer Science/Information Technology

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CS101, CS201, CS304


Dr. Fakhar Lodhi
D.Sc. (CS)
George Washington University, USA

Course Contents

Introduction to Software Engineering Introduction to Software Development Requirements Engineering Relationship of Several components of Software Requirements Source & Sink Analysis State Transition Diagrams Typical Processes Prototyping & GUI Design Software Design (01) Software Design (02) Object Oriented Analysis & Design The Notation Derivation of the Object Model – The Coad Methodology Identify Structures Case Study of Connie’s Convenience Store - A point of Sale System Interaction Diagrams Message Types Software & System Architecture Architectural Views Architectural Models Zero Install Introduction to Design Patterns Observer Pattern Good Programming Practices & Guidelines File Handling Tips for Java & C++ Layout & Comments in Java and C++ Switch Statement Clarity through Modularity Common Mistakes Portability Exception Handling Software Verification and Validation Testing Vs.Development Equivalence Classes or Equivalence Partitioning White Box Testing Unit Testing Inspection Vs Testing Debugging Bug Classes Holistic Approach