CS506 : Web Design and Development

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Computer Science/Information Technology

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CS101, CS201, CS304


Mr. Umair Javed
MS Computer Science
Lahore University of Management Sciences

Course Contents

Java Feature Java Virtual Machine & Runtime Environment Basics Object Oriented Programming Inheritance Collection Intro to ExceptionsStreams Abstract Classes and Interfaces Graphical User Interfaces Event Handling Adapter Classes Java Database Connectivity Result Set Meta Data Java Graphics How to Animate Applets Socket Programming Multithreading Web Application Development Java Servlets Creating a Simple Web Application in Tomcat Servlets Lifecycle Dispatching Requests Session Tracking Java Server Pages JSP Action Elements and Scope JSP Custom Tags MVC and Architecture MVC Layers and Tiers Expression Language Java Server Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) Client Side Validation & Java Server Faces (JSF) Java Server Faces