CS604 : Operating Systems

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Computer Science/Information Technology

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Dr. Syed Mansoor Sarwar
Ph.D Computer Engineering
Iowa State University, USA

Course Contents

Introduction to Operating System Types of Operating System Components, Services and Structures of Operating System Introduction to Unix / Linux Interface Processes Process Management & Scheduling Inter-Process Communication Unix / Linux Inter Process Communication Tools Input - Output in UNIX / Linux Use of FIFO & Process Management in UNIX. Threads Short Term Scheduler / Dispatcher Process Scheduling Algorithms UNIX Process Management & Scheduling Algorithm Evaluation Process Synchronization Critical Section Problem Critical Section Problems and Solutions Deadlocks and Starvation Process Synchronization Problems and Semaphores High-Level Synchronization Deadlock Characterization Deadlock Techniques Deadlock Avoidance Deadlock Detection and Recovery Memory Management Paging Hardware Support in Paging Segmentation Virtual Memory Demand Paging Page Replacement Algorithms Thrashing Files and Directories File Systems File Protection and Allocation Disk Space Management