CS614 : Data Warehousing

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Computer Science/Information Technology

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CS101, CS403, CS610


Dr. Ahsan Abdullah
PhD Computer Science

Course Contents

Introduction to Data Ware Housing, Normalization, De-Normalization, De-Normalization Techniques, Issues of De-Normalization, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP, Multidimensional OLAP (MOLAP, Relational OLAP (ROLAP, Dimensional Modeling (DM, Process of Dimensional Modeling, Issues of Dimensional Modeling,Extract Transform Load (ETL), Issues of ETL, ETL Detail: Data Extraction & Transformation, ETL Detail: Data Cleansing, Data Duplication Elimination & BSN Method, Introduction to Data Quality Management (DQM), DQM: Quantifying Data Quality, Total DQM Need for Speed: Parallelism, Need for Speed: Hardware Techniques, Conventional Indexing Techniques, Need for Speed: Special Indexing Techniques, Join Techniques, A Brief Introduction to Data mining (DM, What Can Data Mining Do Supervised Vs. Unsupervised Learning, DWH Lifecycle: Methodologies, DWH Implementation: Goal Driven Approach I, DWH Implementation: Goal Driven Approach II, DWH Life Cycle: Pitfalls, Mistakes, Tips., Course Project, Case Study: Agri-Data Warehouse Part-I, Case Study: Agri-Data Warehouse Part-II, Web Warehousing: An introduction, Web Warehousing: Issues, Lab Lecture-1: Data Transfer Service (DTS, Lab Lecture-2: Lab Data Set, Lab Lecture-3: Extracting Data Using Wizard, Lab Lecture-4: Data Profiling, Lab Lecture-5: Data Transformation & Standardization