CS702 : Advanced Algorithms Analysis and Design

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Computer Science/Information Technology

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Dr. N. A. Zafar
Ph.D Computer Science
Kyushu University, Japan

Course Contents

Introduction, Mathematical Tools, Logic and Proving Techniques, Proofs, Validation, Verification, Strong Math. Induction, Fibonacci Sequences, Recurrence Relations: Mathematical Models, Analysis Techniques, Recurrence Relations: Algorithms Design and Analysis Techniques, Further Techniques Solving Recurrence Relations, Time Complexity Measuring Notations, Relations over Asymptotic Notations, Brute Force Approach: Introduction, Starting with Primality, Sorting sequence of numbers, Designing Algorithms using Brute Force and Divide & Conquer Approaches, Designing Algorithms using Divide & Conquer Approaches, Dynamic Programming for Solving Optimization Problems: Chain Matrix Multiplication Problem, Chain Matrix Multiplication Problem using Dynamic Programming, Assembly-Line Scheduling Problem, 2-Line Assembly Scheduling Problem, n-Line Assembly Scheduling Problem, 0-1 Knapsack Problem's Algorithm using Dynamic Programming, Optimal Weight Triangulation, Optimal Weight Triangulation using Dynamic Programming, Longest Common Subsequence, Optimal Binary Search Trees, Dynamic Programming: Optimal Binary Search Trees, Greedy Algorithms, Greedy Algorithms: Activity Selection Algorithm, Fractional Knapsack, Coin Change Making, Greedy Algorithms: Huffman Coding, Huffman Coding Problem, Road Trip Problem, Graph Theoretic Concepts, Breadth First Search: Shortest Paths, Proof of Breadth First Search Algorithm, Depth First Search, Proof of White Path Theorem, Applications of Depth First Search, Backtracking, Branch & Bound Algorithms, Minimal Spanning Tree Problem, Kruskal's Algorithm, Prim's Algorithm, Road Map Problem, Paths and Shortest Paths, Bellman-Ford Algorithm, Proof: Bellman Ford Algorithm, Shortest Paths in Directed Acyclic Graphs, Dijkstra's Algorithm: Problem Statement, Analysis, Correctness, All-Pairs Shortest Paths, Shortest Paths and Matrix Multiplication, The Floyd-Warshall Algorithm, Johnson's Algorithm, Number Theoretic Algorithms: Definitions and Some Important Results, Number Theoretic Algorithms: GCD, Euclid's Algorithm, Groups and Rings, Groups and Rings, Chinese Remainder Theorem, RSA Cryptosystem, Fermat Theorem, Euler's Theorem, RSA Cryptosystem, String Matching Problem, String Matching: Naive Algorithm, Rabin-Karp Algorithm, String Match. with Finite Automata, Polynomials and Fast Fourier Transform: Representation of Polynomials, The DFT and FFT, NP Completeness: Circuit Satisfiability; Proof: Formula Satisfiability, 3-CNF; Clique