CS706 : Software Quality Assurance

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Computer Science/Information Technology

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Dr. Ghulam Ahmad Farrukh
Ph.D Software Engineering
George Mason University, USA

Course Contents

Introduction to Software Quality, Software Defects, Reasons of Poor Quality, Quality Laggards, Project Management Approaches, Cost and Economics of SQA, Quality Measurements, Software Requirements and SQA, Requirements Defects, Writing Quality Requirements, Quality Attributes of Requirements Document, Software Design Model and Software Design Defects, Quality Design Concepts, Programming and SQA, SQA Reviews, Software Inspections, Software Testing - WBT Techniques, BBT Techniques, Testing Strategies, Debugging, Test Planning, Automated Software Testing, Test Cases, Responsibilities of Testers; SQA and SCM, SCM Plan and SQA Plan, Process Assurance, Process Management and Improvement, Introduction to Quality Metrics, A Process Model of Software Quality Assurance.