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ENG101 : English Comprehension

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Dr. Surriya Shaffi Mir
Ph.D English
(Leeds, UK)

Course Contents

1.Reading and Dictionary 2.Pronunciation 3.Reading for Main Idea 4.Reading: Topic, Main Idea 5.Reading: References 6.Reading Skills 7.Reading and Vocabulary 8.Word Formation- Prefixes 9.Reading: Description, Locating Information 10.Reading: Word Forms 11.Reading: Understanding Reading 12.Reading: Making Inferences 13.Reading: Assessing the Text 14.Reading: Assessing Texts 15.Evaluating Texts: Interpreting Visual Data 16.Reading: Evaluating Texts 17.Reading: Cloze for Comprehension 18.Reading: Skimming and Scanning 19.Reading: Scanning and Language Functions 20.Reading: Classifying, Cause and Effect Relationship 21.Reading: Presenting Information Graphically 22.Writing: Sentence Types 23.Writing: Effective Sentences: Unity, Coherence, Emphasis 24.Writing: Identifying Sentence Errors 25.Writing: Revising Sentence Errors 26.Subject Verb Agreement 27.Writing 28.Word Choice 29.Punctuation 30.Writing: Paragraphs: Structural Parts 31.Writing: Paragraph 32.Writing: Essay Writing 33.Writing: Essay Outlines 34.Writing: Selecting and Researching an Essay Topic 35.Writing: Ways of Organizing Texts: Linear 36.Writing: Summary Writing 37.Grammar and Usage: Tenses and Passive Sentences 38.Grammar and Usage: Word Order: Adverbs 39.Grammar and Usage: Articles 40.Language Functions: Language Forms and Functions