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ENG513 : Language Teaching Methods

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Dr. Sarwet Rasool
National University of Modern Languages

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1. Language: Some Theoretical Concepts 2. A Brief History of LTM 3. Difference in Theory,  Approach,  Method and Technique 4. The Context of English language and LTM in Pakistan - Part 1 5. The Context of English Language and LTM in Pakistan - Part 2 6. Grammar Translation Method  7. The Direct Method  8. Audio-lingual Method 9. Total Physical Response Method 10. The Silent Way 11. Community Language Learning 12. Suggestopedia 13. Whole Language Method 14. Multiple Intelligence Method 15. Neurolinguistic Programming 16. The Lexical Approach 17. Competency Based Language Teaching 18. Communicative Language Teaching Approach 19. The Natural Approach 20. Cooperative Language Learning 21. Content Based Instruction 22. Task Based Language Learning 23. The Post Methods Era and Language Teaching Methods 24. Language Teaching Methods for Bilinguals 25. Language Teaching Methods in English for Specific Purposes (ESP) 26. Teaching Vocabulary  in a Language Classroom 27. Teaching Pronunciation in a Language Classroom 28. Teaching Speaking in a Language Classroom 29. Teaching Listening in a Language Classroom 30. Teaching Reading in a Language Classroom 31. Teaching Writing in a Language Classroom 32. Integrating Language Skills 33. Lesson Planning and Language Teaching 34. Designing Instructional Materials 35. Digital Media in Language Teaching 36. Promoting Learner Autonomy 37. Syllabus Design for a Language Teaching Course 38. Assessment in Language Teaching 39. Teacher Training and Language Teaching Methods 40. Research and Language Teaching Methods 41. Recapitulating and Exploring Future Directions