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ENG518 : Research Methodology in ELT

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Dr. Kamal Khan
PhD in Linguistics
University of Management and Technology, Lahore

Course Contents

1. What is research? 2. Research in English Language Teaching (ELT) [Applied Linguistics] 3. Classification of research 4. Assortment of a problem 5. Foundation of a hypothesis 6. Research variables 7. How to locate research? 8. Locating primary research 9. Exploring primary research in ELT 10. Understanding where data come from? 11. Research planning and sampling 12. Avoiding errors in sampling 13. Classifying research designs 14. Questions and research designs 15. Q&RD: Extraneous factors to avoid 16. Data collection procedures 17. Qualities of a good data gathering procedures 18. Understanding research results 19. Understanding research results-II 20. Writing discussion of your research 21. Writing your conclusion 22. Constructing a research literature review 23. Doing a research literature review 24. Writing a research literature review 25. Qualitative research and qualitative data analysis 26. Qualitative data analysis 27. QDA: using software for analysis 28. Action research 29. Survey method 30. Experimental Method 31. Historical research 32. Case studies 33. Framework of a primary research article 34. Writing a research proposal and synopsis 35. Managing information and avoiding plagiarism 36. Choosing a documenting style - APA 37. Research methods in literature – I 38. Research methods in literature – II 39. Research methods in literature – III 40. Choosing a documenting style - MLA and CMS