EDU430 : ICT in Education

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Dr. Rehmat shah
International Islamic University Islamabad

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My Story-My School , The Story of My Education , School and Early Challenges, The Power of Association, Different Pedagogy for Different Students, Classroom Technology, What we are taught?, Proving Theorems, Test Challenge,  Memorization VS Understanding, Connecting New Knowledge with Prior Knowledge, Learning as a Generative Activity, Social, Teaching and Cognitive Presence, My House and Associations, Mental Pictures, Diagnosing and Mapping the Process, Selecting, Organizing and Integrating, Intrinsic Motivation, Car Trouble, Rapidly Changing Technologies, A Model School, Maintaining a Diary, Cleaning the Class, Inequalities in Education, Technological Innovation and Difference in Learning, The Educational Challenge, Theoretical Learning Demonstrate or Experiment and Actual Experimentation, Why is the Earth Orbiting the Sun, Thought Experiments, Instant Feedback, College and University Days, IBM and Other Mainframes, Interactivity, Instant Feedback and Immersive Technologies, The School of One Revisited Connectivity, Stratosphere, Brick and Mortar Educational Cycle, Content Design, The Educational Cycle and Intervention, My First Watch, Marconi and Radio Technology, Disruptive Innovation, From Transition Buying a Computer for Our University to Micro Processions, The Apple Revolution