EDU604 : Comparative Education

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Dr. Tayyaba Tamim

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Introduction to Comparative Education and its Scope (Topics 1 to 5) Educational Planning and Comparative Education (Topics 6 to 12) Foundations of Educational and International Education (Topics 13 to 18) Geomorphic Shifts in Comparative Education (Topics 19 to 23) Conceptualizing Education (Topics 24 to 29) Education as Capability (Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches) (Topics 30 to 36) Theory Testing (Topics 37 to 42) Literacy in Comparative Education I (Topics 43 to 48) Literacy in Comparative Education II (Topics 49 to 54) Levels of Geographic and Entities I (Topics 55 to 60) Levels of Geographic and Entities II (Topics 61 to 66) Levels of Geographic and Entities III (Topics 67 to 72) Comparing the Education System across Countries (Topics 73 to 78) Languages in Education (Topics 79 to 84) Tracking System in German and America (Topics 85 to 90) Theoretical Perspectives of Comparative Education (Topics 91 to 96) Comparing Times (Topics 97 to 102) Comparing Race in Comparative Education (Topics 103 to 108) Gender Parity and Equality in Education (Topics 109 to 114) Issues with Gender Parity and Equity in Education (Topics 115 to 120) Boys’ Underachievement and Gendered Identities (Topics 121 to 126) Damaging Masculinities and the Way Forward (Topics 127 to 132) Pressure to fill Gender Roles and the Masculine Worldview of Science (Topics 133 to 138) Intersection of Race, Class and Gender in Comparative Education (Topics 139 to 144) The Study across Ethnic Group, Cast and Social Inclusion in Asia (Topics 145 to 150) Spatial, Temporal, Institutional & Social Network Inclusion from Education (Topics 151 to 156) Globalization and National Culture in Modern Era (Topics 157 to 162) Values and Interest in Cross-Cultural Study (Topics 163 to 168) Uses and Abuses of Policy-based Research in Comparative Education (Topics 169 to 174) The Politics of Language Policy and Inequality in Pakistan (Topics 175 to 180) Language based Discriminatory Practice & Opportunities to be in Careers of Choice (Topics 181 to 186) Lessons learnt from Comparative Study (Topics 187 to 192) Evaluative, Interpretive and Critical Study (Topics 193 to 198) Video Studies (Topics 199 to 204) Comparing ways of Learning and Learning Styles (Topics 205 to 209) Comparing Educational Achievements and Equity of Performance (Topics 210 to 216) Comparing Quality of Education (Topics 217 to 222) Redistribution and Dimensions of Quality of Education (Topics 223 to 228) Resources and Inclusion for Educational Quality (Topics 229 to 234) Low Cost Private Schools for Poor and Low Quality Public Schooling (Topics 235 to 240) Lessons learnt from Cross Country Analysis & Recommendations for Schooling Low-income Children (Topics 241 to 245)