PAK301 : Pakistan Studies

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Dr. Hassan Askari Rizvi
Ph.D in Political Science and International Relation
University of Pennsylvania

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Ideology of Pakistan, Ideology of Pakistan in the Light of Statements of QUAID-I-AZAM and ALLAMA IQBAL, The Aligarh Movement, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and His Contributions, MAJOR POLITICAL DEVELOPMENTS 1857-1918, The Khilafat Movement, Muslim Politics in British India: 1924-1935, ALLAMA IQBAL’s Presidential Address December 1930, Muslim Politics and Chaudhry Rahmat Ali, The Congress Ministries-- Policies towards Muslims, The Lahore Resolution, 1940, Major Political Developments in 1945-46, Towards Independence, 1947, Constitutional Development in British India, The Problems of the New State, The Objectives Resolution (1949), Constitutional Issues, Constitution Making (1947-56), Constitution Making (1947-56), The 1962 Constitution, The 1973 Constitution, Political History (1972-71), Political History (1972-2003), Geography, Land, Boundaries and Neighborhoods, Natural Resources, Agriculture, Industrial Development, Education in Pakistan, Foreign Policy of Pakistan, Pakistan and the Muslim World, Over View