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MGMT627 : Project Management

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MGT503, MGT510, MGT613


Dr. Ali Sajid
Ph.D. in Engineering Management
George Washington University, Washington D.C, USA.

Course Contents

• Introduction to Project Management • Definitions and Nature of Projects • Concepts of Project Management • Project Management Methodologies and Organizational Structures • Project Life Cycles, The Project Manager • Project Conception and Project Feasibility • Project Selection • Project Proposal • Project Planning • Work Breakdown Structure • Schedules and Charts • Total Project Planning • Project Scope Management • Network Scheduling Techniques • Pricing and Estimation • Quality in Project Management • Principles of Total Quality • Customer Focused Project Management • Quality Improvement Tools • Project Effectiveness through Enhanced Productivity • Cost Management and Control in Projects • Project Management through Leadership • Communication in the Project Management • Project Risk Management, Project Procurement • Contract Management • Ethics in Project Management