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MGMT631 : Enterprise Resource Planning

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Ph.D. Business Information Systems
Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand)

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Introduction to ERP, The Role of Information, Information Culture, Information Silos and ERP, Business Functions, Business Process, IT and Productivity, ERP Systems, Emergence of ERP Software, FAQs about ERP systems for Midsized companies, Marketing Information System, Understanding Sales Process, Pre-Sales Activities, Integration of Sales and Accounting, CRM and Order Management, Production Planning and Forecasting Sales, Sales and Operations Planning, Material Requirements Planning, Procurement process, Human Resource Management, Recruitment process, Interview and Hiring Process, Performance Management Process, Training & Development, Accounting Activities, ERP and Financial Reporting, Integrated Human Resource Systems, ERP role in Financial Reporting, Process Modeling and Flowcharts, EPC diagrams and Process Improvement, Evaluating process improvement and Workflow tools, Implementing ERP systems, ERP and System Integration, Enterprise Systems Architecture, Systems Development Lifecycle, ERP Components and Roles, High level ERP purchase process, ERP Training and Support, Knowledge Transfer, Virtualization and RFID, Mobile Computing, BI and SaaS