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MGT510 : Total Quality Management (alt. code=MGMT510)

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MGT211, MGT503


Dr. Rasheed Kausar
Michigan State University, USA

Course Contents

  • ·         Overview of Quality Management, Themes of the New Paradigm, Total Quality Management and Global Competitive Advantage,
  • ·         The Concept Of Customer Value, Why Focus on Quality? Total Quality Management, Total Organization Excellence and Systems Thinking,
  • ·         Integrating People and Processes for Performance, RATER for Products, Services and Artifacts,
  • ·         Fundamentals of Total Quality, Globally Accepted Principles of Total Quality and Need of New Strategy for Global Competitiveness,
  • ·         Bringing Quality through Discussions and Meetings about Planning for Quality,
  • ·         Leaders in Quality Revolution and Defining Quality,
  • ·         14 Points of Deming Philosophy, Deming Cycle and The Juran Quality, Juran and Crosby concept on Quality.
  • ·         Quality is Free, Crosby’s Costs of Quality, Costs of Quality and Return on Quality, Overview of Total Quality Approaches, and Business Excellence Models.
  • ·         BQA, EFQM (EQA) and International ISO-9000 QMS, Designing Organizations for Quality, ISO 9001(2000) and ISO 9004(2000), a Consistent Pair for Total Quality, Developing ISO 9001(2000) QMS for Q Certification:ISO-9001 QMS, Documentation,
  • ·         ISO-9001(2000) QMS: Clause #5, Management Responsibility,
  • ·         ISO-9001(2000) QMS: Clause #6, Resources Management,
  • ·         ISO-9001(2000) QMS: Clause #7, Product Realization and Customer Related Processes, ISO-9001(2000) QMS: Clause #7, Control of Production and Services, Production and service operations,
  • ·         ISO-9001(2000) QMS: Clause # 8 Measurement, Analysis and, Improvement, Preventive and Corrective Actions,
  • ·         Benefits and Barriers in Installing ISO-9001 QMS,
  • ·         Creating Business Excellence in Pakistani Organizations,
  • ·         Control Mechanisms for Creating Quality at Strategic, Tactical and Big Q and Small q.
  • ·         Leadership for Quality, Strategic Planning for Quality and New Management Advanced Quality Planning Tools, Hoshin Kanri and Policy Deployment.
  • ·         Balance Scorecards, QFD and other Improvement Tools.
  • ·         Implementing a TQ Strategy, Basic SQC improvement Tools,
  • ·         Analysis: How is TQ being implemented? A Dialogue with a Multinational Manufacturing Company Quality Manager,
  • ·         Cause and Effect Model and Run, Charts for Quality Improvement? Understanding SPC for Continual Quality Improvement, SPC with Examples,
  • ·         Statistical Thinking for Process Improvement to bring Quality in Products and Services,
  • ·         An Interview of the CEO, Head IT, HR, and Quality Engineering of a CMMI Level 5 Pakistani IT Company,
  • ·         Importance of Teamwork Culture for TQM,
  • ·         Understanding Empowerment for TQM.
  • ·         Focusing on Customer Suppliers Relationships, Innovation, Knowledge Management and Learning Organization.