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MGT603 : Strategic Management

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MGT211, MGT502, MGT503


Muhammad Shafiq

Course Contents

The Nature of Strategic Management, Key Terms of Strategic Management, Internal Factors & Long Term Goals, Benefits of Strategic Management, Comprehensive Strategic Model, Characteristics of Mission Statement, External Assessment, Key External Factors, Technological Forces, Industry Analysis, IFE Matrix, EFE Matrix, Functions of Management, Functions of Marketing, Internal Assessment, Analytical Tools, IE Matrix, Types of Strategies, Strategy Formulation, Framework Threats, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Strengths (TOWS) Matrix, Strategic Position and Action, Evaluation ( SPACE ) Matrix, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix, Grand Strategy Matrix, Nature of Strategy Implementation, Resource Allocation, Organizational Structure, Restructuring, Production/Operations, Concerns when Implementing Strategies, Market Segmentation, Finance/Accounting issues, Research and Development issues, Strategy Review, Evaluation and Control, Porter’s Supply Chain Model, Strategy Evaluation, Reviewing Bases of Strategy, Measuring Organizational Performance, Characteristics of an Effective Evaluation System.