MCM516 : TV News Reporting & Production

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Mass Communication

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MCM101, MCM411


Mr. Uzair Ahmed
M.A. (Mass Comm)
University of the Punjab

Course Contents

1 Creativity and idea generation for television 2 Pre-requisites of a Creative Producer/Director 3 Refining an idea for Production 4 Concept Development 5 Research and reviews 6 Script Writing 7 Pre-production phase 8 Selection of required Content and talent 9 Programme planning 10 Production phase 11 Camera Work 12 Light and Audio 13 Day of Recording/Production 14 Linear editing and NLE 15 Mixing and Uses of effects 16 Selection of the News 17 Writing of the News 18 Editing of the News 19 Compilation of News Bulletin 20 Presentation of News Bulletin 21 Making Special Bulletins 22 Technical Codes, Terminology, and Production Grammar 23 Types of TV Production 24 Drama and Documentary 25 Sources of TV News 26 Functions of a Reporter 27 Beats of Reporting 28 Structure of News Department 29 Electronic Field Production 30 Live Transmissions 31 Qualities of a news producer 32 Duties of a news producer 33 Assignment/News Editor 34 Shooting a News film 35 Preparation of special reports 36 Interviews, vox pops and public opinions 37 Back Ground voice and voice over 38 Spoken words and relevant visuals 39 Talk shows, forums and Discussion Programmes 40 Functions of various departments of a TV set up 41 Programmes department 42 News and Current Affairs 43 Coordination among Different Departments of Television 1 44 Coordination among Different Departments of Television