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MTH7123 : Advanced Fluid Dynamics

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Dr AtaUllah Kalim
PhD in Fluid Dynamics, Mathematics
University of Essex, England

Course Contents

Fluid, Application Areas of Fluid Mechanics, The No-Slip Condition, Density and Specific Gravity, Vapor Pressure and Cavitation, Energy and Specific Heats, Compressibility, Volume Expansion, Viscosity, Surface Tension and Capillary Effect, Pressure, The Manometer, The Barometer and Atmospheric Pressure, Introduction to Fluid Statics,  Hydrostatic Forces on Submerged Plane Surfaces, Lagrangian and Eulerian Descriptions, Acceleration Field, Material Derivative, Fundamentals of Flow Visualization, Streamlines and Stream tubes, Pathlines, Steaklines, Timelines, Vorticity and Rotationality, The Reynolds Transport Theorem, Conservation of Mass, Conservation of Momentum, Conservation of Energy, Mass and Volume Flow Rates, The Bernoulli Equation, Acceleration of a Fluid Particle, Derivation of the Bernoulli Equation, , The Linear Momentum Equation, Dimensions and Units, Dimensional Homogeneity,  Non-dimensionalization of Equations, Dimensional Analysis and Similarity, Differential Analysis Of Fluid Flow, The Steam Function,  Derivation Using the Divergence Theorem, Derivation Using an Infinitesimal Control Volume, Derivative Using Newton’s Second Law, The Navier-Stokes  Equation, Non-dimensionalized Equations of Motion, Superposition in Irrotational Regions of Flow, The Boundary Layer Approximation, Flow over bodies: drag and lift.